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Tinged with the blush of sun, sand and blue sky merging with blue water to provide a spectacular view is the germ green island which houses "OYSTER OPERA" a theme village in northern part of Kerala, God's own country. At this sanctuary of natural beauty comprised of mangrove, palm fringed islands and coastal stretches caressed by back waters, Oyster Opera promises unique care and comfort on thecountry side. The resort is noted not only for its attention to detail and trained hospitable staff but also various other experiences on the brackish waters away from urbanity. It will be an unforgettable experience while enjoying a deep sense of serenity and contemplating the majesty of nature.

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Places to visit around

There are a lot of spots near to Oyster Opera where you will be taken by our mechanized boat. Mussel farming, Oyster and clam collection, Mangroves Island, Monkeys Island, Sandwich Beach, Deserted Island, Estuary, Valiyaparamba Beach, Narrow canals. Besides the above popular Bekal fort, lake temple and Parassini kadavu temple are close to Oyster Opera.


This island is situated 5 km from Oyster Opera. A long time before a couple of monkeys migrated here and since then they were being treated as kings and gods by the islanders. There is a small Temple inside the jungle. Now 200 of them live in a small jungle and are being fed by one family daily. They believe their prosperity lies on the blessings of these monkeys.


The nearby beach is only 500mtr away from the resort having 24 km long with beautiful scenario, birds sanctuary, estuary and so on.


This is an island situated about 4 km from Oyster Opera. This island plays an important role in the eco-system by sustaining and balancing the water bodies of our backwaters. They do this through mainly by the abundant mangroves living there. They grow with their roots on top of the water. This is the breeding place of fishes.


It is spread over 30km long in back water and engaged about 6000 farmers. In the year 2008-09 the total production was 20000 tonnes. Collection of clam and Oyster are worth watching.


This man made estuary has a story to tell. The islanders themselves created the estuary to flush out the excess water to the sea from their fields being flooded by monsoon. But they didn't know that the high tide would push the water back many fold and take away their paddy fields .


This is a very pretty and unexploited beach 14 km away from the resort. The width of this island is only 40mtr, one side ocean and the other side backwater. We also make arrangements for camping at this beach. The beach is almost vacant all the time as no one lives nearby and is free of tourists as this beach hasn't yet come to the tourist map.

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